This module supports students in understanding the principles and practices relating to planning, managing and staging of events, by highlighting the event-related operations. Students will learn to create an awareness on the impact of time frames, pre-event preparation, on-site management and post-event requirements relating to the various scales and proposed target groups of events. Provide students with an understanding of a range of theories pertaining to event management. It is intended to offer students with the essential skills to work in the sector of events management and to completely appreciate the significance of a successfully-run event through collaborative presentations, discussions, site visits, and actual experience in executing various collegiate events. This module covers the following topics: Introduction to Events operations management; Theories and concepts of Events Operations Management; Logistic and challenges of staging live events; Legal issues of event Management; Risk Management aspects of organizing and running events; Human resources Management and issues in Event Operation Management; Intergraded Marketing communication for events and Sponsorship of Events; and Operational Issues in the Staging of Live events.