“Which career path should I follow after my graduation?” is a common but one of the most critical questions in a student’s life. Uniformed and hasty decision may lead to a career dead-end soon. So, what a student should do? This module will assist you to explore new opportunities that exist in your surroundings, which you may not be aware of. It will enhance your creativity and innovation to grab existing as well as to create new opportunities for yourself to succeed in your life. So, you want to follow a particular career path or create a path for yourself as well for others, this module has been designed to assist you in your choice.
The module aims to develop your entrepreneurial traits in order to meet current economic challenges through English language skills required for effective communication and professional development. It will assist you to generate innovative ideas for a small business venture within as well as out of the field of applied linguistics for which you need to search for or create business opportunities in the real world. You will evaluate your own business idea to check its feasibility in the real life. The module will encourage creativity in generating new business ideas and hence, adopting an enterprising approach to career.
The objective of this module is also to help you acquire the skills required to be successful in finding employment, as well as, equipping you with skills that will be important to you in the workplace, whether that is: searching for a job opportunity, preparing a CV and covering letter, confidently presenting yourself in an interview, identifying your own professional strengths and weaknesses, or conducting as well as participating in a professional meeting.