Attendance and final assessment

Attendance and final assessment

by Nabila Al Macki -
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Dear students,

Some of you have received emails about being blocked from the final assessments due to low attendance. Please note that attendance for weeks 14 and 15 will be included and this can increase the overall attendance percentage.

It is important to remember that the attendance policy in the Undergraduate handbook 2019-2020 (section 2.10 pages 10-11), clearly states that “it is compulsory that you maintain at least 80% attendance for all modules that you register for. If your attendance is less than 80% in a module you will not normally be allowed to do the final assessments (i.e. final examinations, final assignment, final presentation, final vivas, etc.) and your assessment will not be marked even if submitted”.


Considering the current challenging situation that you are facing, the attendance percentage has been substantially reduced, and of course we have also included the first 5 weeks of face to face teaching on the College campus.


As per the College’s regulations, students who want to report any reasons for not attending classes (“mitigating circumstances”) should contact their respective Faculties.  Please make sure that you use the relevant contact details below:


Faculty of Business Management:


Dr. Uma Selvi

Head of Faculty

Dr. Ammar Al Balushi,  

Telephone 24730464

Faculty, Director of Quality Assurance

Mr. Suryanarayan

Faculty, Director of Quality Assurance

Faculty of Information Technology:


Prof. Vijay Nair

Head of Faculty

Mr. Ijaz Ahmad

Faculty, Director of Quality Assurance

Mr. Muhammed Siddique


Director of Studies


Faculty of English Language Studies:


Dr. Brian Poole

Associate Dean (Learning, Teaching & Research)

Dr. Farhad Tayebipour


Faculty, Director of Quality Assurance  

Mr. Mr. Shaik Inam-ur-Rehman


Faculty, Director of Quality Assurance


The College continues to take the welfare of its students and staff very seriously, We advise you to continue following the guidance given by the Ministry of Health at all times.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Best regards, 

Nabila Al Macki 

Deputy Dean (Academic affairs)