World Earth Day April 22

World Earth Day April 22

by Mohammed Al Sidairi -
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World Earth Day April 22

World Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year. It aims to encourage people to preserve the planet that we share with all the natural creatures surrounding us. This can be done through daily practices that support the environment to raise an awareness about the importance of preserving nature.


Here are some ideas to support World Earth Day, but please share with us your own initiatives and activities by sending us photos or videos on



1.   Cleaning the different areas around your home.

2.   gardening or take care of the plants around your home or your office.

3.   Taking care of the water resources near you; such as beach, wadi, springs or fountains or being part of environmental groups that care for these causes.

4.   Caring for our animals: Show some care to the animals you see around you or you can be part of organisations that focus on caring for Omani wildlife such as the turtles, Arabian deer and Arabian Oryx or animal rescuers.


Please share with us your photos or videos before April 30th! We look forward to seeing your creative initiatives to care for Mother Nature.