Welcome back to the Campus

Welcome back to the Campus

بواسطة - Dr. Maha Kobeil
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My dear Students

I hope you and your families are well. 

It has been a long time since you were on campus for your classes. We all miss you and are very pleased that you will be on campus for classes at the start of this new academic year. The past few months were very difficult and challenging for everyone. Yet you made me proud with your resilience, dedication and resolve. Through your eagerness to attend your online classes and assessments, you taught us that the sky is the limit for your abilities.

I urge you to use these abilities further when you start this semester and prepare for the new normal. The campus is arranged according to the Ministry of Health requirements and your lecturers and other Majan staff are vaccinated. Therefore, please make sure that you are fully vaccinated and that you follow all the COVID-19 protective measures. YOU and US can make the difference. Let’s protect ourselves, our families and our beloved Oman by being vigilant, enthusiastic and by wearing our masks. This will help us to go back to the normal we all knew prior to the pandemic.

I wish you all the best