Eidaad Educational Programme

Eidaad Educational Programme

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Dear Level 4&5 students,

Eidaad is an educational initiative programme by Pdo that aims to narrow the gap between Industry & Academia and to establish an Internship that lasts for one academic year. This programme has two fold objectives:

  1. This will enable you to engage in a longer period of applied learning. 
  2. This programme will provide an opportunity for university/college students with a year of valuable paid internship experience, which will give a competitive edge when entering the job market after course completion. 

Majan University College will facilitate the management of the placement for you through the Eidaad program that has three parties namely - employer, student and the university.

We are planning an important session with the Eidaad contact person from PDO this Wednesday.

  • Name of the Resource Person: Mr.Hamed Hadhrami, External Learning & Development Manager, Petroleum Development of Oman.
  • Date: 30th March 2022
  • Time: 12.00PM - 1.00PM.
  • Venue: B200 - Face-to-Face Event

This is a unique opportunity that your professional life could change for the better, forever.

Some Programme highlights: 

  • Programme duration will be for 1 year only.
  • MoHERI sponsored students will be marked as EIDAAD students by the internal scholarship and they will continue to receive all support.
  • The registration is optional and has to go through a selection process
  • Opportunity is open only for students who have completed level 5 from any faculty.
  • The trainee will receive a reasonable stipend as monthly allowance.
  • The trainee will receive a work experience certificate at the end of the programme
  • The opportunity is for students without any prior employment contract
  • There will be a gap of one year from academic commitments and hence students will not be required to register for any modules in the college.

Look forward to your active participation.

Best Regards,