Assignments and use of AI

Assignments and use of AI

by Nabila Al Macki -
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Dear Students,

We know that some of you are a bit confused or angry because you have received messages saying that you have misused artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT when writing your assignments. Please do not worry. Turnitin is not always accurate when it detects improper AI use in student assignments. Lecturers will be talking to you individually about these issues and we will be fair to everyone. The use of AI by students, staff and the general public is a new issue, and we are all learning. 

Majan University College is committed to helping students to achieve their goals. We have no intention to penalise anyone unfairly, and we do take into account the fact that AI tools are a new thing. Both students and staff will take time to adapt to them.

For all issues regarding assessment, please see the student handbook  Student Hanbook 2022-2023