L&E: Things to know

L&E: Things to know

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1. The L&E activity is updated every week, which means every Sunday at 9AM you have a new L&E set up.

2. We don't delete old L&E activities, we archive it and you may find them below the current week. You can access it anytime if you haven't already.

3. Always remember that L&E winners are chosen every Sunday between 8AM to 9AM for the week that passed, so make sure you have all your last minute entries before 8AM on a Sunday.

4. Once the L&E week is archived, it cannot have anymore winners/badges. Only the active L&E can have winners/badges. Make sure you participate in the active L&E before going down to the archives.

5. The quiz has only one attempt, make sure you are 100% free before attempting it. The quizzer with the best score in the shortest time gets to the leaderboard and the TOP 5 scorers get an L&E week badge.

6. Spread the L&E word, participate every week. Did you know that your lecturers also participate in L&E? smile