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Dear Students,

Please make note of below exam instructions.

You must bring your MUC Student ID card to enter the exam hall.

  1. You are required to write in clear and legible handwriting. -Illegible answers will NOT be marked
  1. You must use a blue or black pen to answer examination questions, except when producing graphs, tables, or diagrams.
  1. You must write the correct question number for each answer. Any answer without mentioning the respective question number will not be considered for grading.
  1. You must not remove staples from the question paper or answer booklet.
  1. Switch off your mobile and any other electronic gadgets during the examination.
  1. Keep your belongings outside the examination hall and the college will not be responsible for any loss of items.
  1. You are not allowed to borrow stationery from fellow students.

For Practical Tests / Exams:

  1. Read the instructions provided to login to the system and access/save exam files carefully.
  1. It is your responsibility to save the file in the network drive (if mentioned in the instructions), failing to do so may result in award of Zero (0) marks.  

Good luck!