Omantel Innovation Lab _The Omantel Digital Winter Camp!

Omantel Innovation Lab _The Omantel Digital Winter Camp!

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Dear Students,

Omantel Innovation Labs is giving 20 promising Omani University students the chance to join a free Virtual Winter Camp for beginners to learn the top 5 must-have technical skills. Delivered in partnership with the Digital Marketing Academy, selected students will learn skills from regional technology experts through fun and interactive activities, and gain certification from a globally verified Academy.  


The program will provide students with:
1- World class learning outcomes in Coding, AI & Machine Learning
2- A closer look at machine learning tools and how to use them to do amazing things.
3- Hands-on coding workouts
4- The ability to use systems like neural nets and special algorithms
5- The opportunity to use machine learning to create software that can teach computers to do things like recognize facts and images, or find complex patterns.


Date: 15/1/2022 - 20/1/2022

Time & Duration: 3 hours per day

-        Group 1: 11 am - 2pm

-        Group 2: 3 pm – 6 pm



Note: We are targeting students with a Technical background.


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