Registration for the Summer (June - Aug 2022)

Registration for the Summer (June - Aug 2022)

by Nabila Al Macki -
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Dear students

I hope you and your families are keeping safe. As you know already, the teaching during the summer is going to be face to face in the college’s campus.

 Please take a note of the IMPORTANT DATES for the summer:

  • Registration starts: 5th June, 2022

  • Registration ends: 26th June, 2022

  • Classes begin: 26th June, 2022

  • Classes end: 25th August, 2022

The online registration link is available on MOVE. You will receive the timetable by email once your registration is approved.

 As a College, we will provide you with the support that is required in order to complete the summer semester successfully. However, it is important to understand and adhere to the following:

  1. The attendance policy in the Student Undergraduate Handbook 2021-2022 (section 2.10 pages 9-10), clearly states that “it is compulsory that you maintain at least 80% attendance for all modules that you register for. If your attendance is less than 80% in a module you will not normally be allowed to do the final assessments (i.e. final examinations, final assignment, final presentation, final viva, etc.) and your assessment will not be marked even if submitted”. 

  2. As is the norm, all written assessments such as; assignments, PowerPoint presentations, poster presentations are submitted through Turnitin. You need to bear in mind that the similarity percentage of your submission can keep changing until the submission deadline if the submissions of other students have similarities to your assignment. Therefore, the similarity percentages are not final, until the assignment submission is closed. However, if you have accurately cited all your sources, it is unlikely you have to be concerned about the similarity percentage. For more information refer to the Student Undergraduate Handbook 2021-2022, section 4.2 and 4.3 pages 14-15. 

  3. In case you wish to withdraw from a module you have registered for during the summer, you must do it no later than 5 July 2022. 

Best regards and I wish you a successful semester.

 Nabila Al Macki 

Deputy Dean