Reminder - End of semester examinations (Sep 2023-Jan 2024)

Reminder - End of semester examinations (Sep 2023-Jan 2024)

by Registry Department -
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Dear Students,

This is to remind you that the End of Semester examinations are starting from Saturday, 30th December 2023. Hence, there will be NO REGULAR CLASSES (NO TEACHING) from Sunday 31st December 2023 onwards.

It is your responsibility to check the assessment dates (Exams, Assignment submissions, Presentations, Viva, etc.) and keep a note of the same and to appear as per the schedule.  

Please note that the exams will be conducted as scheduled on Saturdays and on a public holiday if declared.

Students are required to be seated in the examination hall at least 15 minutes before the start of the exam. Please also note that MOBILE PHONES and SMART WATCHES are NOT permitted in the EXAMINATION HALLS. If a student is found with a mobile phone or smart watch, he/she will be asked to keep it outside the EXAMINATION HALL and the college will not be responsible for any loss.

It is mandatory to show your college ID Card. You will not be allowed to enter the exam hall without your ID Card. If you do not have the ID Card yet, kindly visit the registry department as soon as possible.

We trust that students will adhere to the academic integrity guidelines stated in the Student handbook.

Please check your email regularly.

All the best.