How to install Microsoft Office 365 on your Devices 📢

How to install Microsoft Office 365 on your Devices 📢

by MOVE Team -
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Dear students

Exciting News!🎉

Now you can install Microsoft Office 365 applications on up to 5 devices using your college ID.

All you need to do: 

  1. Go to 👈
  2. Log in with your college email address/password ✍️
  3. Download the apps 👇
  4. Install them on your devices (up to 5 devices including mobile phones) 💻

For a detailed guide on how to install the Microsoft Office 365 applications, please check the attached guide 👇

Please remember...

Choose authenticity over piracy! Utilizing validated software and applications ensures reliability, security, and optimal performance for your academic endeavors. By embracing genuine software, you not only uphold ethical standards but also enable the college to provide you with robust technical support, promoting a seamless learning experience. Therefore, MUC provided this opportunity to install the proper copies of Microsoft Office 365 on your devices.