Learn & Engage goes live on 26th March - Let the quizzing begin!!

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Learn & Engage goes live on 26th March - Let the quizzing begin!!
by Roshan Kolar - Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 3:12 PM

Hi Staff and Students,

Learn & Engage takes off next week with "US Presidents" edition on the 26th of March, 9AM. We will have a quiz (10 questions) every week with a fresh new theme. Make sure you participate and keep winning! (Winning points = 10/10, obviously)

L&E is an open arena where you have a week's time to participate in a quiz, once the week is over the quiz gets locked out. Every week the L&E quiz gets activated on Sunday 9AM and gets deactivated on Saturday 9PM. You have only one attempt. The weekly winner is the one who attempts the quiz with a full score in the least possible time, which means you don't have time to Google the questions smile

It's going to be fun and a lot of learning, just be honest, we like it that way. Every semester we will give off a Semester Champ award to the person who has the most wins, which obviously means you need to participate every week on every possible quiz all the way till the end!!

Yallah! Let's get ready. The first Launch Edition quiz will start on 26th March, 9AM.
Learn and Engage page link: https://move.majancollege.edu.om/course/view.php?id=199

The amazing L&E Team