Reading weeks 5 to 16 April 2020

Reading weeks 5 to 16 April 2020

by Nabila Al Macki -
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Dear students, 

As per the circular from ROP, Mutrah, Wadi Kabir and Darsait are now quarantined until the 15th April. This means the College campus is closed for two weeks from Sunday 5th April to Thursday 16th April. These two weeks will be Majan University College Reading Weeks, during which you can study and prepare for the first assessments. Dates for these assessments will be published in due time. 

Although you are not able to come to the College campus, your lecturers are still available to you during their normal office hours. You can contact them by email or MOVE messages and they will respond as soon as possible and if required invite you to a private GoToMeeting session (these are for academic advising, project supervision or any matters related to modules). Your lecturers are ready and willing to help you, therefore, you should always let them know when you need assistance.

MUC will do its best to support you at these difficult times. Please look after yourselves and let us know if you need any support.

Stay at home, stop the spread and stay safe.


Nabila Al Macki

Deputy Dean