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Dear Students,

We would like to inform you that the online registration for the Sept 2020 - Jan 2021 semester will be active as stated below:

Students who did not register in Summer and the ones  who did not have referral in the summer:

·       Start date for online registration: 30 Aug 2020

·       End date for online registration: 12 Sept 2020 


Students who registered in the Summer (both Regular & Referral):

·       Start date for online registration: 11 Sep 2020

·       End date for online registration: 12 Sept 2020 


Returning students can use “online registration” through MOVE.

·       This registration process can be used only by the students who are continuing their study in the programme they studied in Feb – June 2020.

·       Students who completed Foundation in June 2020 can use online registration as their new award and Programme is updated as per their request.

·       Other students who want to change the Award and Programme should contact the Programme managers of the concerned faculty by email. Mail IDs are provided at the end of the document. 

You can find the link for the online registration  on 

MOVE  -> Majan Online ->  Online Registration


on the Colleges website -

Please select and register.

Document showing guidelines for the online registration process is attached with this email.

Once you complete the registration process, you will receive a confirmation mail along with the following attachments, confirming acceptance of your application.

1.  registration receipt, 

2.  timetable and 

3.  an undertaking

On the receipt of the confirmation, you are required to make an online payment using the link provided on MOVE under Majan Online. This will complete the registration process. 

The academic success of every student in the college is important to us. Poor attendance is a matter which is taken very seriously by the College. Hence, it is important to remember that the attendance policy in the Undergraduate handbook 2019-2020 (section 2.10 pages 10-11), clearly states that “it is compulsory that you maintain at least 80% attendance for all modules that you register for. If your attendance is less than 80% in a module you will not normally be allowed to do the final assessments (i.e. final examinations, final assignment, final presentation, final vivas, etc.) and your assessment will not be marked even if submitted”.

If for any reason you are unable to complete the registration process or do not receive the confirmation mail, it indicates that your application is not processed, you are required to contact the following Programme Managers through mail:


Faculty of Business Management

Dr. Veena Tewari

Faculty of IT

Mr. Muhammed Siddique

Faculty of English Language Studies

Ms. Anita Boggu

Level 3 modules

Ms.Thuraia Al-Jabri


Ms. Aziza Saghir


 Please note that the registration link and online payment link are available on the Majan College web site -

Nabila Al Macki, SFHEA 
Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs)